Bir üniversite hocasından: nasıl e-posta yazılır?

10 Mar

Güncelleme (2010-06-29): Türkçesi de var artık adresinde.

Bilgi’nin CS bölümünden CS dayanamayıp süper şekilde e-posta döşenmiş (vurgular bana ait):

I receive many emails that are a waste of time. Here are some pointers for better email communications:

1. Think about the recipient of your mail. If you are wasting their time or making things difficult for them, you may not get the response you want.

2. Use a meaningful subject line. This helps the recipient to decide how to start to deal with your mail. If you leave the subject line blank you are forcing the recipient to open a mail that may be irrelevant to them. If you write “important” in the subject line your are simply being rude. It may be important to you. How do you know it is important to the recipient?

3. Write short sentences in short paragraphs.

4. Be clear and short. What is the problem? What solution do you propose? What action do you want from the recipient?

5. If you must use attachments, keep them very small. Are you sure that the recipient really wants the attachment? Couldn’t you just send a link? Every student in CS can create their own web site and post material there.

6. Do not send mail in which the meaning of the mail can only be found by opening the attachment. This may waste minutes of the recipient’s time as an office program loads to open a document.

Finally to encourage all who send me mail to think about using this valuable tool more productively, I have implemented the following filters on my email:

Email that comes with a blank subject line, “no subject” in the subject line, or the words “important” “önemli” “urgent” “acil” “lütfen” “lütfeeen” in the subject line will be automatically transferred to my “trash” folder. They will, in consequence, not be read by me.

I reserve the right to augment the above dictionary. When I find a way to do it, mails with large graphical attachments and attachements in proprietary formats, such as .doc will also be deleted.

Birileri Türkçeleştirip yayınlarsa sevaba girer valla, oraya link veririz uzun uzun derdimizi anlatmak yerine 😉


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2 responses to “Bir üniversite hocasından: nasıl e-posta yazılır?

  1. Evrim AKMAN

    January 5, 2010 at 19:06

    Valla ben de çevirmekle uğraşamadım ama mütemadiyen söylediğim bir şey. bir de kişisel maillerde buna dikkat ediyoruz ya, muhtelif listelere/grup e-posta gonderirken de dikkat etmekte yarar var.


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