Bruce Schneier Gerçekleri :)

18 Aug

schneier.jpg“Bruce Schneier once broke AES using nothing but six feet of rusty barbed wire, a toothpick, and the front axle from a 1962 Ford Falcon.”

“Bruce Schneier is the ideal man. Alice loves him; Bob fears him; Charlie wants to be him.”

“Bruce Schneier is Knuth’s homeboy.”

“Bruce Schneier knows Alice and Bob’s shared secret.”

“Ron Rivest wears Bruce Schneier pajamas.”

“If Bruce Schneier wants your plaintext, he’ll just squeeze it out of the ciphertext using his barehands.”

“When he was three, Bruce Schneier built an Enigma machine out of Legos.”

“Bruce Schneier obtained his legendary cryptoanalytic skills through a deal with the devil. He then proceeded to encrypt the devil’s personal information and barter the plaintext for his soul.”

“The Dining Cryptographers always wait until Bruce Schneier has been served.”

“There are no such thing as Carmichael numbers, only primes that Bruce Schneier has beaten factors into.”

“A mystery wrapped in an Enigma is no more puzzling to Bruce Schneier than a mystery wrapped in ROT-13.”

“Only one security god has a surname with three adjacent vowels.”

“The phonograph record included on the Voyager probe contains a hidden watermark inserted by Bruce Schneier.”

“Bruce found a secure way to reuse a one-time pad.”

“Mathematicians recently developed an elementary proof for Fermat’s Last Theorem. It was based on the Schneier Axiom, which reads: “Bruce Schneier said so.”

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