Bir mimar bilgisayarcıları ne kadar etkileyebilir?

16 Sep

Alexander’s Notes on the Synthesis of Form was required reading for researchers in computer science throughout the 1960’s. Marvin Minsky, founder of MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Lab, recommended it to students and colleagues. It had an aesthetic influence in the 1960’s and 1970’s on programming language design, modular programming, object-oriented programming, software engineering and other design methodologies. Alexander’s mathematical concepts and orientation were similar to Edsger Dijkstra‘s influential A Discipline of Programming.

A Pattern Language?s best known conceptual effect is the design patterns movement. Alexander’s philosophy of incremental, organic, coherent design influenced also the extreme programming movement.

Will Wright wrote that Alexander’s work was influential in the origin of The Sims computer game, and in his current new work.

Gel de şimdi bu dünyaca meşhur mimarın ve hatta belki de bir mimardan çok daha fazlası olan Alexander‘ın eserlerini okuma.

Gabriel’in Patterns of Software adlı etkileyici kitabından sonra Alexander‘ın da eserlerini okumak farz oldu! Bir ara mutlaka vakit ve kaynak ayırmalıyım.

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Posted by on September 16, 2006 in General, Programlama


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