Bach'tan Cage'e, Cage'den Bach'a geçişler

28 Sep

Csound e-posta listesine Victor Lazzarini’nin yazdığı bir e-postadan eğlenceli bir alıntı:

From: Victor Lazzarini
Date: Sep 26, 2006 7:31 PM
Subject: [Csnd] OT: fancy that…

I found something quite interesting in one of my latest bedside readings, which I’d like to share here (perhaps some of you would have seen it already)?

How do you get Cage from Bach and back again?

Well you start with B-A-C-H, get from Cage the length of his famous 4’33” piece, assume it to be a decimal number, 4.33, take 4 from it and multiply it by 10. This gives you the multiplier 3.3. (This part I actually made up myself, the rest is from Hofstadter)

Now: multiply the length of the 3 semitone intervals in B-A-C-H (-1,+3,-1) by the multipler. This will give you B-G-F-D, which up a tone gives you C-A-G-E.

How to get back to Bach? Multiply the intervals again by 3.3 (and transpose it down by 1 tone), but this yields… B-C-A-H.

Conclusion: from Bach to Cage and back gets you all jumbled up… not mine, but the book’s.


*: I forgot to add, in order for this to work, you have to round the semitone distance (1.3 becomes 1 etc). But the conclusion is ever so funny.

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