From an unkown book…

27 Apr

Face Off: one of the chapters in the book of secrets. Sometimes it is just weird, without any rational explanation and you hear some nerve racking music from the depth of darkness…

You try to laugh at yourself and your imagination. You think… and you stop… and you start to feel, it is not exactly horror or terror that you feel. But it is very deep, related to the roots of your being… you can’t complete your sentences. This is not one of those cliche devil-got-me scenarios.

You meet one of the uncommon cracks in the middle of your life. And you feel like it’s not ever going to be the same again. However, the routine is waiting for you, at least it is supposed to. But when the night time comes, when you are all alone, you start to crave for signals. Signals that connect you to routine reality. You are thirsty for those good ol’ perceptions. Anything unfamiliar scares the hell out of you. And then you start to understand the timidity of a cat in the night. You realize how weak you are. You are about to be a part of a kind of a story that you used to laugh at…

They say God works in mysterious ways, the universe more so.

But from whose book are those lines?

From an unwritten book by an author unknown to trespassers.

This book is neither paperback nor hardcover. It is neither expensive nor cheap. You can’t find it in a store and you can’t read it your eyes open. This is the only book that can be read eyes wide shut. Or… must be. And never aloud but only in whispers. The stories inside are as fluid as the pillars of sand in the biggest desert that you never went. And its heroes are doomed to fail. Much like the ordinary people living their ordinary lives. Its pages are not even partially ordered and the fiction therein is not even wrong. You may complain and say that you don’t get it, but no one is going to hear you when you’re lost in it without leaving any traces…

Dedicated to Crouch End, Nightmares and Dreamscapes and Hayalet Gemi.

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