csound: elektronik müzik bestecilerinden yeni parçalar

21 May

Seidel’den Palimpsest:

Palimpsest is the second in a series of works that began with Owllight (although it remains to be seen whether or not the series will continue). While the pieces have very different moods, they both employ cellular automata as a kind of structural template, and both are built from very simple materials: sine waves, some reverb, and very few notes.

Bad Mutha Hubbard’dan Metamorphosis:

Metamorphosis: Pure Csound, with the Blue interface. The words are text from Kafka’s Metamorphosis. Most of the sounds are made from the same soundfiles as the voices.
“Als Gregor Samsa eines Morgens aus unruhigen Trumen erwachte, fand er sich in seinem Bett zu einem ungeheuren Ungeziefer verwandelt.”
“Ich bin in der Klemme, ich werde mich aber auch wieder herausarbeiten!”
“Wir müssen es loszuwerden suchen!”
“Als Gregor Samsa…” — Kafka

Michaeal Rhoades’un son albümü Anaphasics‘ten üç parça:

The title “Anaphasics” denotes waveforms that are out of temporal and spatial alignment with one another thus alluding to multiple dimensions. Discoveries and speculations in quantum physics support the notion that multiple, enfolded dimensions of time and space exist. In fact, this perspective is quickly becoming our current understanding of reality.

Non-linearity in time and space is difficult to imagine due to countless generations of human conditioning. We unquestioningly experience a single universe from an ironclad linear perspective. Yet, this is proving to be a myopic and antiquated view. If one could for a moment imagine existing in a non-linear multiverse, time and space become pliable instead of static as we presently imagine them. Existing within such a paradigm, our experience in a multiverse would be a diametrically different dream.

The earth is not flat. Time is not sequential. Space is not contiguous. Ultimately, perhaps, our entire experience in this world of form will be perceived as being wholly illusory.

Bu arada Csound Journal’ın yeni sayısı çıkmış. Python ve Perl kullanarak nasıl csound programlanabileceğine dair güzel makalelere bakmakta fayda var.

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