MSR Cambridge Lab Vacancy – Research Software Development Engineer (in F#)

14 Oct

Job Title: Research Software Development Engineer (RSDE)
Group: Terminator and SLAyer team / Programming Principles and Tools
Location: Microsoft Research, Cambridge (UK)
Start date: Flexible


SLAyer is a software analysis tool that automatically proves properties about the data-structures constructed/modified by concurrent systems-level code. Terminator is an additional componenet designed to prove termination and liveness properties. The joint SLAyer/Terminator team is looking for a developer interested in building the first production version of these tools. This position is in Microsoft’s Research division. It will involve a close partnership with Windows Static Driver Verifier team in Redmond, WA.

This position will include:

* Developing the internal components within Terminator and SLAyer
* Integrating Terminator and SLAyer with the Static Driver Verifier product
* Developing additional infrastructure for future program verification tools

For more information about Terminator and SLAyer see:

Candidates should have the following technical qualifications:
* MS. or Ph.D. in Computer Science
* 2+ years development experience highly desirable (e.g. experience shipping software)
* Knowledge of algorithms and techniques of program analysis is necessary, at least, from one of the two angles: formal verification or compiler design. It is expected to be based on college education or 2+ years of industrial experience.
* Experience with ML-like programming language (F#, OCaml) is highly desirable
* Knowledge of and experience with OS internals or driver development is a plus
* Good communication and inter-personal skills
* Leadership abilities and cross-team collaboration skills

To apply or request further details, please contact our Human Resources Department by email:

Closing date for applications is Friday, 30 November 2007.


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