Magic Cube in Istanbul

24 Dec

“This Magic Cube is much more than just a puzzle. It is an ingenious mechanical invention, a pastime, a learning tool, a source of metaphors, an inspiration. It now seems an inevitable object, but it took a long time to be discovered. Somehow, though, the time was ripe, because the idea germinated and developed nearly in parallel in Hungary and Japan and perhaps even elsewhere. A report surfaced recently of a French inspector general named Semah, who claims to remember encountering such a cube made out of wood in 1920 in Istanbul and then again in 1935 in Marseilles. Of course, without confirmation the claims seem dubious, but still titillating. In any event, Rubik’s work was completed by 1975, and his Hungarian patent bears that date. Quite independently, Terutoshi Ishige, a selft-taught engineer and the owner of a small ironworks near Tokyo, came up with much the same design within a year of Rubik and filled for a Japanese patent in 1976. Ishige also deserves credit for this wonderful insight.”

Kaynak: Hofstadter, D. R., 1985, “Metamagical Themas: Questing for the Essence of Mind and Pattern“, s. 302

Aynı kitaptan bir başka alıntı: ?Nerdy? bir bilimcinin en ilginç kitaplarından birinde saf matematik ve saf kod iç içe geçerse…

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