Klasikleşmiş Bir Makale: Artificial Intelligence meets Natural Stupidity

26 Jan

Drew McDermott‘un artık bir klasik haline gelmiş ve bazı bakımlardan günümüze dair de dersler çıkarabileceğimiz 1976 tarihli ‘Artificial intelligence meets natural stupidity‘ makalesini okumayı yeni bitirmişken ve hazır birileri de güzel bir özet çıkarmışken buraya not düşeyim dedim:

Paper by Drew McDermott, 1981, part of Mind Design, which was edited by John Haugeland.

In this very good, short and very quotable paper, Drew McDermott points out a number of common problems in the AI world of the 1970s (mostly). Considering how familiar many of them sound in 2002, this was both very necessary and not entirely successful. If only I had read this before I set out on my own thesis.

His chosen method is humor:

“This paper is an effort to ridicule some of these mistakes. Almost everyone I know should find himself the target at some point or other; if you don’t, you are encouraged to write up your own favorite fault. The three described here I suffer from myself.”

Since this is such a quotable paper, and since it’s already quite short (18 pages) so it’s hard to compress further, I will use a lot of quotes in these notes. Although I did not get permission, I believe they should still fall under Fair Use laws.

He discusses three main problems, each of which I will touch on now.

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