Olmasa Olmazdı – 1: Tarski – ORACLE

27 Jan

Alfred Tarski

Alfred Tarski


ORACLE Corporation

ORACLE Corporation


Neden mi?

Bakınız: Tarski?s influence on computer science [PDF]


The great logician Alfred Tarski played one of the leading roles in the development of mathematical logic in the twentieth century, as much for the programs he promoted and the conceptual organization of the subject as for his many important results. Except for his fixed-point theorem, Tarski’s influence on computer science has been largely indirect but nevertheless substantial. I shall survey this influence through his work in the areas ofdecision procedures, semantics of formal languages, model theory, and algebraic logic.

Tarski’nin hayatını merak edenler için (kim demiş matematikçilerin sıkıcı ve duygusuz hayatları olur diye):

Alfred Tarski: Life and Logic @

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One response to “Olmasa Olmazdı – 1: Tarski – ORACLE

  1. Dragomilov

    January 27, 2009 at 23:41

    Valla Show TV’yi geçtin: Tarski olmasa ORACLE olmazdı, neden mi? Az sonra… 🙂


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