Nereye Baksam Cloud Computing: Forking EC2 instances for Mozart/Oz

29 Jan

Webinar: Create an Elastic RDF Store in Amazon?s EC2 girdisi ile alakalı olarak: Ryan Kelly mozart-oz e-posta listesine ilgimi çeken bir e-posta atmış kısa süre önce, blogunda detaylar mevcut (vurgular bana ait):

My long-standing obsession with Mozart/Oz is no secret, but I often find it difficult to articulate precisely why I’m so fascinated by the language. I never seem to make much headway by describing the power and elegance of its novel control structures such as first-class computation spaces ? which, by the way, I would rank right up there with continuations on the list of “language features that sound useless but are actually incredibly powerful“…but instead of going down that esoteric road, let me demonstrate a short and eminently useful little hack that I put together last week, one which really highlights the power of the Mozart platform.

First, a brief primer on one of Mozart’s great strengths: distributed programming. If you have remote access to a computer with Mozart installed, it’s very easy to move some of your computational workload onto that machine. Here’s a short Mozart script that uses the remote computer “guava” (the computer hosting this website) to calculate 1000 factorial:

What if you don’t have access to a beefy remote machine to farm work out to? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could leverage something like Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud to grab extra computing power on demand? Indeed. And this short little shell script is all you need: ozec2. It performs the following operations:

1. Ignores whatever hostname was given as its first argument
2. Spawns a new instance on EC2, and waits for it to become ready
3. Optionally, downloads and installs Mozart on the instance
4. Uses ssh to execute its remaining arguments as a command on the instance

With a small change to the factorial-calculating code above, we can shift the work off my webserver and onto a dedicated machine instance on EC2:


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3 responses to “Nereye Baksam Cloud Computing: Forking EC2 instances for Mozart/Oz

  1. mert

    January 29, 2009 at 12:15

    cloud computing kavramını daha önümüzdeki dönemde çokca duyacağız.Microsoft Windows Azure platformu ile bu alanı ciddi şekilde domine etme niyetinde

  2. Emre Sevinc

    January 29, 2009 at 12:19

    En son WIRED’da Ray Ozzie ile ilgili bir yazı okumuştum. Bakalım Microsoft’u eski parlak günlerine döndürebilecek mi. Hatırladığım kadarı ile Azure için 150 kişilik küçük ve çekirdek bir ekip görevlendirilmiş. Rekabet zorlu olacak gibi görünüyor.

  3. mert

    January 29, 2009 at 13:10

    ozzie nin bu konudaki bakış açısını yansıtacak bir röpörtaj


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