Favori felsefe dergim The Reasoner'ın Yeni Sayısı Çıktı

02 Mar

Fazla söze gerek yok, yeni sayının içeriği:

Interview with John Woods – Gabriella Pigozzi
Internet, page ranking, and Sorites-like reasonings – Jean Paul Van Bendegem
Sentences and Propositions – Hartley Slater
Divine liars: a question – Martin Cooke
On Omnipotence: Second Thoughts – Alex Blum
Logical Relations between Sensation and Belief – Jeffrey Helzner
More Precisely: The Math You Need to Do Philosophy, Broadview Press – Eric Steinhart
Disability and Chronic Illness, 30 January – Havi Carel
Philosophy, Engineering and Technoethics, 6?8 February – Viorel Guliciuc
David Hilbert – Russell Marcus

PDF hali meraklıkları bekliyor.

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