The Second Answer Set Programming Competition – Call For Participation

06 Mar

The Second Answer Set Programming Competition

Call For Participation

K.U.Leuven, Belgium, spring 2009

The second ASP competition is a Modeling and Solving competition open to all declarative problem solving systems from areas such as ASP, SAT and CP. In the competition, both satisfiability problems and optimization problems need to be solved. Each team submits a solver and modelings for all benchmark problems. These are used to solve a number of instances of each benchmark problem. The solver that solves the most instances wins. The results will be published in the Tenth International Conference on Logic Programming and Nonmonotonic Reasoning (LPNMR’09). For more details on the format of the competition, see the webpage.

The competition is open for all solvers. The Modeling and Solving formula offers the best opportunities for different communities to show the strength of their applications and solvers. Modeling support for SAT teams, for whom modeling can be a burden, is available on the webpage.

The competition is currently in its second phase: the registration of participating teams and the installation of solutions to the submitted benchmarks. We invite teams from different areas to enter their solvers in the competition. For more details, see the webpage.


* 01/03/2009-01/05/2009:
o Registration of teams.
* 01/03/2009-15/05/2009:
o Installation period: Participants install and test
solvers and programs on the K.U.Leuven pinac pool.
* 15/05/2009-15/06/2009:
o Competition phase
* 15/09/2009:
o Results announced at LPNMR’09.
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