Joel on Software: How to be a program manager?

13 Mar

Joel Spolsky’nin Microsoft’taki deneyimleriyle daha sonraki şirketlerinde ve projelerinde yaşadıklarından yola çıkarak bir yazılım ekibini yönetmenin inceliklerini eğlenceli bir dille anlattığı ‘How to be a program manager‘ yazısı uzun zamandır bu kategoride okuduğum en eğlenceli ve dolu dolu yazılardan biri:

Having a good program manager is one of the secret formulas to making really great software. And you probably don?t have one on your team, because most teams don?t.

Charles Simonyi, the brilliant programmer who co-invented WYSIWYG word processing, dated Martha Stewart, made a billion dollars off of Microsoft stock and went into space, first tried to solve the Mythical Man Month problem of organizing really big software teams by creating one super duper überprogrammer writing the top-level functions, while handing off the implementation of the lower-level functions to a team of grunt junior-programmers as needed. They called this position program manager. Simonyi is brilliant, but this idea, not so much. Nobody wanted to be a grunt junior programmer, I guess.

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