BioLinguistics Journal Latest Issue

20 Apr

BIOLINGUISTICS is a peer-reviewed journal exploring theoretical linguistics that takes the biological foundations of human language seriously. The Advisory Board and the Editorial Board are made up of leading scholars from all continents in the fields of theoretical linguistics, language acquisition, language change, theoretical biology, genetics, philosophy of mind, and cognitive psychology.

BIOLINGUISTICS seeks to disseminate research globally to theoretically minded linguists, linguistically minded biologists, cognitive scientists in general, and anyone else with an interest in the scientific study of language. The journal is concerned with the exploration of issues related to theory formation within the biolinguistic program of generative grammar as well as results drawn from experimental studies in psycho- and neurolinguistics or cognition at large.

In this issue:

A Brief Note on the Scope of Biolinguistics (001-001) Cedric Boeckx, Kleanthes K. Grohmann

Computational Phenotypes: Where the Theory of Computation Meets Evo-Devo (002-060) Sergio Balari, Guillermo Lorenzo

Ceaseless, Unpredictable Creativity: Language as Technology (061-092) Jan Koster

Externalization and Emergence: On the Status of Parameters in the Minimalist Program (093-098) Jason Kandybowicz

A Question of Irresponsibility: Postal, Chomsky, and Gödel (099-103) John Collins

The Incoherence of Chomsky?s ?Biolinguistic? Ontology (104-123) Paul M. Postal

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