The Reasoner – New Issue Out

20 Apr

The Reasoner is a monthly digest highlighting exciting new research on reasoning, inference and method broadly construed. It is interdisciplinary, covering research in, e.g., philosophy, logic, AI, statistics, cognitive science, law, psychology, mathematics and the sciences.

New issue is out in PDF format, freely available. Previous issues are freely available, too:

In this issue:

Editorial – Dawn E. Holmes
Interview with Keith Devlin – Dawn E. Holmes
Slingshot arguments: two versions – Rafal Urbaniak
The Logic of Causal and Probabilistic Reasoning in Uncertain Environments, 19?23 February – Niki Pfeifer, Andy Fugard & Gernot D. Kleiter
PhD?s in Logic, 19?20 February – Stefan Wintein & Rafal Urbaniak
Formal epistemology – Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson
Logic and Rational Interaction – Olivier Roy
Proof Theory – Francesca Poggiolesi

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