Direniş Kırıldı: O'Reilly Bir Lisp Kitabı Çıkarmaya Hazırlanıyor – Lisp Outside the Box

07 May

Daha önce burada bahsetmiştim O’Reilly ve anti-Lisp politikasından. Tekrar alıntılayalım adresinden:

Books on topics that have dismal sales despite quality books being available. (If you’re addressing a topic where good books have sold dismally in the past (for instance, LISP, LaTeX, or Web-based training), you have a much higher threshold to clear with your proposal. Convince us why there is a revival of interest in your topic, or why your approach to a deadly topic will provoke interest nonetheless.)

Aynı yayınevi O’Reilly fikir değiştirmiş görünüyor. MIT’de birkaç ay önce düzenlenen (ve benim de katılıp bir sunum yapma zevkine eriştiğim) International Lisp Conference ’09 etkinliğinin ardından yayınevinden bir editörün bazı teklifler sunduğu haberi geldi ve sonunda Lisp camiasının aktif isimlerinden Nick Levine bu işi üstlenmeye karar verdi ve Lisp outside the box kitabını yazacağını duyurdu. Kitabın resmi web sitesi duyuru metnini de alıntılayalım:

I’m writing a book about Lisp and O’Reilly is going to publish it.

The aim is to show people who suspected that Lisp was dead because it couldn’t look outside the box, along with those who hoped it could but didn’t know how, that the going isn’t all that hard. Although the book will introduce Common Lisp from scratch and give generous treatment to those features which make the language great, it isn’t going to cover the whole thing or anything like it. I want to make Lisp look easy and steer the novice away from the more complex edge cases.

The core of the book will be a number of in-depth examples which between them will thoroughly address the use of libraries whether or not these were written in Lisp. It’ll also go into common, important utilities for dealing with persistence, threading, GUIs, system building and more. Examples will include: an end-user desktop application, a webserver, and an introduction to getting Lisp working on a mobile phone.

There’ll be more here later (including the book itself as it comes together). For now though your best bet is to follow my blog (mirrored on Planet Lisp).

Nick Levine

Eh, bu durumda O’Reilly ortamında ‘Why Lisp Still Hasn’t Won‘ diye başlık atan chromatic’in yeni bir başlık atmasının zamanı geldi sanırım 😉



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