Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Are they good for your intelligence? Data visualization to the rescue!

26 May

Fish doesn’t think because fish knows everything.

The literature is abundant with some unconclusive results related to the effects of omega 3 fatty acids on memory, intelligence and cognition in general. As if they were not enough, I wanted to add another data point to the already confusing situation.

First let’s compare a few countries based on their fish (thus Omega 3 fatty acids) consumption (data taken from Fishery Statistical Collections – Consumption of Fish and Fishery Products: FAOSTAT – Consumption tool):

Year: 2003

Year: 2003

Now let’s visit The Global Information Technology Report 2008-2009 by World Economic Forum and look at some high technology export statistics (data taken from

Years: 2008-2009

Years: 2008-2009

The data show two things:

  • Denmark, Sweden and USA share top positions in the Global Information Technology Report while Turkey scores very low.
  • The countries who are found to be very competitive in terms of global technology development also consume more Omega 3 fatty acids.

Yes, yes I know nature, brain, correlation, causation, etc. are really complex matters but still… 😉

PS: This blog entry was inspired by the following cognitive science blog entry: The Human Mind – Get Smarter

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