New Releases of SMULTRON and TreeAligner Available

31 May

The Parallel Treebank Group at the Institute of Computational Linguistics at the University of Zürich is proud to announce the availability of new releases for SMULTRON, an aligned parallel treebank, and the TreeAligner, a tool for annotating, browsing and querying parallel treebanks.

SMULTRON (Stockholm MULtilingual TReebank) is a parallel treebank which contains around 1000 sentences in English, German and Swedish. The sentences have been PoS-tagged and annotated with phrase structure trees. The trees have been aligned across languages on sentence, phrase and word level. Additionally, the German and Swedish monolingual treebanks contain lemma information. The SMULTRON corpus is freely available for research purposes, please see the registration page:

New in version 1.1:

* new German-Swedish alignments
* various annotation errors fixed
* compatibility updates for the new TreeAligner

TreeAligner v1.1
The TreeAligner is a graphical tool for creating aligned parallel treebanks by drawing alignment links between phrases. The monolingual treebanks must currently be encoded in TIGER-XML.

The TreeAligner also allows querying the aligned treebanks, using an extended version of the TIGER corpus query language.

Easy installers for the TreeAligner are available for Windows and Ubuntu:

The source code is available as a package or from public repositories:

All code is licensed under the GPLv2.

New in version 1.1:

* improved annotation workflow & tree interactivity
* corpus information display (feature values etc.)
* automatic alignment suggestions (experimental feature)
* monolingual queries for parallel treebanks
* much faster query evaluation engine
* query language extensions for restricted universal quantification:
* improved tree layout algorithm
* sampler from the SMULTRON corpus included in the installers

If you are interested, please join us on the TreeAligner mailing list:

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