Genes2Cognition: From DNA to Behavior

05 Jun

Genes to Cognition (G2C) Online examines thinking and disorders of thinking across six levels of analysis:
Genes ↔ Biochemicals ↔ Cells ↔ Brain ↔ Cognition (Behavior) ↔ Environment
These are color-coded to help you navigate. Each major content area examines ideas and research from many of these different levels. We hope that site visitors will integrate information from the levels to gain a broader understanding of topic areas. Ultimately, this networking process mimics the nature of science: amalgamating information from many different domains to form a complete picture of the world.

There are two ways of exploring the site: 1) Interact with the dynamic networks maps to explore more than 750 items of unique content, or 2) Follow the Selected Items ?Subway Line? for a tour of highlighted content.

Genes to Cognition - Main Topics

Genes to Cognition - Main Topics

G2C Online features a variety of content: 2- and 3-D animation, demonstrations, interactive maps, text articles, and video interviews. If you get lost, the History button at bottom-left can take you back to a previous item. You can also use the Search and Glossary buttons to help with your exploration.”

3D Interactive Brain Map

3D Interactive Brain Map

The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory people created a wonderful and interactive site which can be utilized to learn more about molecular biology and brain sciences. They have created lots of concept maps:

A concept map

A concept map

Just a minor glitch: I believe it would be a better visualization had they used directed edges between nodes because a relationship between two concepts is not necessarily symmetric).

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