What can we do to protest Croatia?

13 Sep

My dear friend Barış and his wife spent about 1 month in a Croatian prison for some crime they had no relation to. As tourists they went to spend some nice weeks in Dubrovnik and they spent 1 month in prison in a foreign country. Thank you very much Croation ‘justice’ (!) system! Their horrible experiences are summarized here (and here is the original news).

I don’t think I’ll even consider going to anywhere in Croatia, be it Dubrovnik or some other place for touristic or any other reason. I’m frightened and angry. I’m really afraid of Croatian government.

Please think twice if you plan to spend your vacation in Dubrovnik or some other place in Croatia. What happened to my friends as innocent tourist can happen to you, too. And you might not be as lucky as them and spend more time in prison without any trial.

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Posted by on September 13, 2009 in General


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