belgamonitor – belgacom internet usage monitor

08 Nov

belgamonitor demonstration video

belgamonitor demonstration video


belgamonitor is a small utility to monitor the Internet capacity already used for Belgacom Internet.


belgamonitor is een klein utiliteit om de capaciteit van Internet te controleren die reeds voor Belgacom Internet wordt gebruikt.


I have created this little piece of software because I’m a Belgacom customer and I have a monthly limit (25 GB). If I hit this limit before the last day of the month either I have to buy another 5 GB or suffer a very slow Internet connection. I was desperate to find a simple utility that shows me how much data I have used, preferably in a graphical way, but I couldn’t find one (who knows maybe I haven’t googled hard enough, anyway) so I decided it to roll up something myself using Ruby.

Source code and installation

This is really a very very small Ruby script so simply downloading files to wherever you wish should be enough. Please consult the README file for the details.

Follow-ups, new features, news, blogging

You may follow the RSS of project’s github repository or my related blog entries at Don’t hesitate to use this little application, test it, debug it and request new features!

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