Mozilla JetPack Team is looking for a Jetpack API Developer!

05 Jan

One of the best job ads (with an attitude) I’ve ever seen came from the Mozilla Firefox JetPack Team:

We are looking for a developer to come work for Mozilla on Jetpack javascript APIs!

What is required:

– That you love, nay need the web, like air, water, food, twitt… well you get it 🙂
– You are good at javascript, like Doogie Howser good.
– You know exactly what the following two items are: XPCNativeWrapper, wrappedJSObject.
– You are a pro at accessing the contentDocument with chrome privileged js and manipulating XUL elements like none other.
– You wouldn’t mind a change of venue… Mountain View area perhaps?

Some totally optional stuff:

– Know C/C++
– Know Python

If you are a go on all the required points above, and interested in rocking the web as a member of Mozilla, please email breck… with your resume and tell us why we need you on the Jetpack team!

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