ClozeFox Update: Detection for Dutch language, preposition test for Dutch and saving results to Twitter

12 Jan

Recent features added:

  • Detection for Dutch language: If the plug in can find enough text it can check whether the page is in Dutch. It uses as a global frequency list.
  • Preposition test for Dutch: A very simple and not still %100 correct preposition test for Dutch (the problem is that the some prepositions such as ‘van’ are both used as a preposition and frequently as a part of people’s names, e.g. ‘Jean Claude van Damme’. Routines to detect this shoud be added).
  • Send result to Twitter: If this otpion is selected then the score of the current test is sent to the user’s Twitter account, along with a shortened URL of the current page. is used for that in the background.

To learn more about ClozeFox please read previous related entries at

Disclaimer: The plug in is still in pre-alpha stage and not intended for public use however if you want to give it a try the source code is fully available at

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