Is it possible to change the screen orientation of a ThinkPad T500 automatically?

14 Feb

I know it is possible to use the accelerometers of my ThinkPad T500 but I think I need to do more research if it is practically use those accelerometers like a gyroscope, e.g. can I detect the rotation by using the displacement in x, y and z coordinates. Here are some relevant web pages that I’ll examine when I find some time:

Control Google Maps via ThinkPad tilt

Active Protection System

Turn your ThinkPad into lightsaber

Thinkpad Accelerometer with Java JNI

Screen Orientation on X300

Knock-based commands for your Linux laptop

Thinkpad X61 Accelerometer Hacks

The ThinkPad APS Accelerometer Interface

Here comes the SmackPad

Thinkpad Accelerometer Data – Accessing from .NET – by Ben Suter I just tried this one and it worked like a charm.

Python and ThinkPad

Google search: How to measure rotation using accelerometer

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