Computer Music Programming: Carillon Tekbir

02 Mar

I have just listened to a composition by Aykut Çağlayan: Carillon Tekbir A fantastic piece composed using Common Music system. You can download and listen to the file and according to the composer its story is as follows:

What would you compose for a fantastic carillon, which has MIDI port? A fantastic piece, which allows you to explore the carillons sonic capabilities? I didn’t do that. Since the carillon has religional /cultural functions and it always chimes a sound icon; I focused on sound icon concept in this work. I structured the piece basically as ‘A – interpolation from A to B – B’. The A is the well known gong tune: E C D G C D E C… and the B is also a very well known sound icon, but in a very different cultural context. I took the Tekbir of Itri as B. Itri is an Istanbulian composer from 17th century.



To acquire an interpolation between two different tunes i used the technique dynamic markov. Our decision maker for next note is a first order markov chain, but the probabilities of every notes are changing as a function of time. This piece is composed for McFarland Carillon at Urbana. If you wanna hack this code and generate the result by yourself, download and install Grace:

After listening to Aykut’s piece I had the urge again to go out and record some of the fantastic pieces played by the cathedral in Antwerp (last time I checked a melody from Verdi was reaching to my ears from the big bells of the cathedral 😉

PS: For the meaning and history of Carillon please read This makes me wonder if Aykut earns the title of carillonneur in this case.

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