The Last Lecture

22 Mar

Randy Pausch says that his last lecture is for his kids, something that they will be able to watch and read about their father when they grow up. What I witnessed as I read this unique book is much more than a last lecture targeted at his children; it is a treasure from a smart man who valued humanity, love, research, problem solving and creativity. This is the first time I read such a beautiful and concise book from a first-class computer scientist on the meaning of life. It became much more meaningful in my context: I was returning from an intensive and competitive computing related event, I was on the plane and I was looking at my beloved one while I was reading Pausch’s last words…

The Last Lecture

The Last Lecture

This is one of the rare books that is very well worth reading every year. From now on I think I’ll consider Pausch among my best ‘Dutch uncle’s. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to contribute to his legacy, or if I’ll ever be able to satisfy all of my childhood dreams but remembering his last words will always give me power and courage to keep on trying.

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