Code Quarterly: The Hackademic Journal

26 Mar

A new journal is about to be born and its name is Code Quarterly. It is described as The Hackademic Journal. Behind it is the man who wrote the most popular Common Lisp Tutorial ever (and another book about programming and programmers: “Coders at Work“).

Greetings. Code Quarterly is a new publication that intends to publish in-depth articles of interest to hackers. Readers will be able to read them on the web or buy DRM-free PDFs, Kindle and iPad versions, and print-on-demand paper copies. Subscribers to our print journal will receive a beautifully typeset quarterly containing all the articles from the past three months.

We believe there?s a niche waiting to be filled by someone publishing well-written technical pieces longer than the average blog article but shorter than books and making them available in a variety of formats. We are aiming at depth more than absolute timeliness; there are already plenty of outlets for the latest tech buzz.

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Posted by on March 26, 2010 in Programlama


One response to “Code Quarterly: The Hackademic Journal

  1. Atamert Ölçgen

    March 27, 2010 at 10:42

    Sounds like it will be delicious.

    They have a contact/subscription form on their website. I guess they will notify people who left their e-mails. (I did)

    I just read this rant from Seth Godin last night. Also, can’t remember where, but I have recently read a post specifically on importance of such focused publications over 140 char noises.

    I hope quality wins over quantity in this case.


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