Sakumon: A system similar to ClozeFox (from a Japanese researcher)

26 Mar

It is seldom that you come up with a very good idea and it was only you that thought of that. I’ve just learned (via my former colleague Onur Güngör) that a Japanese researcher is working on a project that is similar to our award-winning ClozeFox project:

Sakumon is an assistance system which helps the user to make multiple-choice (4-choice) fill-in-the-blank type questions, as in Part5, Part 6 in TOEIC test, using a web text.

Its programmer is Ayako Hoshino and there is also a publication about the system: Hoshino Ayako, and Hiroshi Nakagawa. (2007). Assisting cloze test making with a web application. in Proceedings of SITE 2007 (pp. 2807-2814). [PDF]

As far as I can see the system has a strong NLP approach to creating language tests which is good. On the other hand the above article describes the final result of the test-making process is a printed test which is more in line with traditional classroom teaching whereas using our ClozeFox extension takes the daily workflow of language learners (Internet browsing) and turns it into a language learning experience (doing cloze tests while browsing Internet) and also utilizes the social web (by sharing tests and scores via Twitter, e-mail, etc.)

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