Turkish law could cripple bioscience

30 Mar

The title ‘Turkish law could cripple bioscience‘ is from the respected science journal Nature. According to Alison Abbott’s report:

In most countries, molecular biologists can place an order for a particular genetic strain of fly and be working on it within weeks. The same is true in Turkey ? for now.

But under a new law approved by the Turkish parliament on 18 March, scientists’ access to these laboratory staples could face delays of up to a year, or even be denied.

The legislation was intended to control the use of genetically modified plants in agriculture, in response to popular mistrust of the technology. But it extends to all transgenic organisms, with no exceptions made for those used in research ? the law was formulated without consulting molecular biologists on the implications (see Nature 463, 1000; 2010).

Another relevant article from Nature is ‘An absurd law – Turkey’s government is about to pass legislation that could cripple the country’s biological research‘.

It is truly saddening to hear such news from Turkey 😦

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Posted by on March 30, 2010 in Ekonomi-Politik, Science


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