Heuristics for Life

05 Jul

Below is the answer given to the question “What are some of your life heuristics?”. They belong to ACM Fellow and A.M. Turing Award recipient Edward A. Feigenbaum, a pioneer in the field of expert systems. This excerpt is from this interview.

* Pay a lot of attention to empirical data, because in empirical data one can discover regularities about the world.

* Meet a wonderful collaborator — for me it was Joshua Lederberg — and work with that collaborator on meaningful problems

* It takes a while to become really, really good at something. Stick with it. Focus. Persistence, not just on problems but on a whole research track, is really worth it. Switching in the middle, flitting around from problem to problem, isn’t such a great idea.

* Life includes of a lot of stuff you have to do that isn’t all that much fun, but you just have to do it.

* You have to have a global vision of where you’re going and what you’re doing, so that life doesn’t appear to be just Brownian motion where you are being bumped around from one little thing to another thing.

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