Better Javascript Docs For Us By Us

26 Sep

Promote JS! Better Docs For Us, By Us!:

JavaScript JS Documentation: JS Number Example: Using Number to convert a Date object, JavaScript Number Example: Using Number to convert a Date object

JavaScript (JS) is such a widely used langauge that you would assume the first hit on google for a search like “JavaScript” would yield something of value, right? Well, unfortunately that is not so and in general JS documentation is hard to find through normal search methods, but we don’t have to let it be that way!! What if every developer helped to promote the most proper and correct JS documentation? Answer: we could change everything! This is your call to action to help bring down bad documentation and promote proper JS documentation and tutorials! Join now by copying the provided HTML code above and paste it into your website, your blog, your friend’s blog, and be sure to tell your friends why you are doing it. You will get a unique promote code each time you visit, based on metrics and targets, so just refresh if you want to help promote something different (Function, Array, Object, oh my).

Don’t worry about performance, we have squeezed every last bit out of the images and they are all hosted on a CDN so it will be super fast. Also be sure to tweet this so everyone will know!

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