Linux tip of the day: What to do when your scanner sends you a PDF in 10 pieces of .dat files

28 Sep

Recently a colleague of mine had a problem. He said that he used the a scanner (a Ricoh scanner / printer / fax machine), scanned some pages and the scanner reported that it converted the scans into PDF and sent to my colleague’s e-mail address. However what he received was a bunch of .DAT files that did not look like a PDF file at all. That’s where I was called for help. After a quick examination of the files it seemed like the easiest method was to concatenate them and then grab the MIME encoded PDF file out of the resulting output on the fly (by using munpack).

So a command-line session on my Ubuntu GNU/Linux system solved our problem for good:

$ cat part*.dat | munpack

I believe there’s a way to solve the same problem on MS Windows, too. But I’m just too lazy to search for it. 😉

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Posted by on September 28, 2010 in Linux


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