Turkish Deasciifier Firefox add-on version 0.2.1 is published

15 Jan

Turkish Deasciifier Firefox add-on is a tiny add-on that lets you type Turkish correctly without a Turkish keyboard. I listened to requests from its users and added a keyboard shortcut: WindowsKey + Shift + t or in other words Meta + Shift + t. I know this key is probably already assigned to some functions in Windows 7 and that the right thing to do is to present a user interface to the end-user so that she can select the combination herself but I checked this with people who requested this feature and once they confirmed that it was good for them I did a minor modification to the code and released version 0.2.1.

During the process I learned that Jetpack SDK is now named as Add-on SDK and the system moved to version 1.01b. I also discovered that this latest version of Add-on SDK is not compatible with Firefox 3.6.x series anymore and that is why I had to rely on an older version of Add-on SDK to prepare the new version of Turkish Deasciifier add-on. It looks like this is the time to worry about Firefox 4.0 compatibility: Making your add-on compatible with Firefox 4. In this case I prefer to wait for the official release of Firefox 4.0 and then I’ll update my add-on as soon as possible (and will add the user interface (preferences) for shortcut selection). In the meantime ‘2011 Jetpack Roadmap‘ by Myk Melez provides a very good reading for everybody doing Jetpack / Add-on SDK based development.

You can read more about Turkish Deasciifer at and browse the source code at

If you want to try the system without using Firefox or an add-on you can visit

PS: Speaking of Firefox 4.0 beta, you should definitely give it a try because it is a huge pile of awesome. 😉


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8 responses to “Turkish Deasciifier Firefox add-on version 0.2.1 is published

  1. Aydin Tarik Zengin

    January 15, 2011 at 02:11

    I use this addon frequently since you released the first version. Thank you for your effort.
    Is there a plan to add a function to convert the selected text? ‘Cause it garbles non-Turkish parts of the text which may sometimes be a code, markup tag or URI.
    And, one more suggestion. Please consider adding these functionalities as an IBUS or SCIM method. In that way, it will be available for not only Firefox but also system-wide and be real-time. I can be tester, if you need one 🙂

  2. Emre Sevinc

    January 15, 2011 at 12:51

    You’re welcome 🙂 I’m very well aware of the lack of a selection-based deasciification feature and the annoyances it causes, I wanted to implement it but there was a bug in the SDK I used back then. I’m waiting for the official release of Firefox 4.0 (which will probably happen sometime in February) and then I’ll re-write the add-on using the brand new Jetpack Add-on SDK and add more features such as the one you just mentioned. I also remember your IBUS / SCIM comments from another blog post, I think they are more suited to the Python implementation. I’ll also see what I can do as soon as I have more time to work on it. I’m really happy to see that this add-on is used by people from Japan, USA, EU, etc. 🙂

  3. Selim

    March 7, 2011 at 00:27

    Merhaba Emre bey, bu adresten indirdiğim programınızı thunderbird te çalıştıramadım. Türkçe dil görünmüyor yazım denetiminde. yazım denetimi açılıyor ama denetim yapmak için türkçe seçeneği yok bi yerde hata mı yapıyorum yoksa programda mı şuan sorun var?

  4. Emre Sevinc

    March 7, 2011 at 11:38

    Selim Bey,

    turkish-deasciifier programi bir imla denetim programi degil, onun için Zemberek sistemini kullanabilirsiniz. Thunderbird’de hiç denedim Turkish Deasciifier’i ama eger sag tiklama ile gelen menüde görünmüyorsa sebebi muhtemelen HTML e-posta yazmaya calisiyor olmanizdir. Tabii Thunderbird’e özgü baska bir mesele de olabilir; ilk firsat buldugumda inceleyecegim. Geri bildirim ilettiginiz için çok tesekkür ederim.

  5. Selim

    March 8, 2011 at 00:18

    Rica ederim Emre bey asıl ben teşekkür ederim dilimize sahip çıktığınız için. Sizin programınızı bir link aracılığıyla google-dan buldum. Ancak sizin programınız diğer benzerlerine göre daha gelişmiş görünüyor. Html olarak yazmadım ama çalışmadı eklenti yüklenmesine rağmen. Koskoca firefox ve thunderbird de hayatımda duymadım diller mevcut ancak türkçe yazım denetimi seçeneği ne yazık ki yok malesef. Uyumlu hale getirirseniz sadece bana değil birçok kişiye yararı olacağına inanıyorum. Teşekkürler.

  6. Anton

    March 27, 2011 at 23:54

    First of all, i like to thank you for this addon. I’am using it very often. Will there be a Update soon? For now I’am switching between 3.6 and 4. Hope that will change soon.

    Best regards

  7. Emre Sevinc

    March 28, 2011 at 00:35


    I’ll try to update it as soon as possible, that can mean a few weeks though. It’s on my agenda and I promise that I’ll do it.

  8. Basak

    March 28, 2011 at 12:20

    Firefox 4 icin guncellemeyi dort gozle bekliyorum!
    Guncellediginizde, Turkce karakterle tesekkur edecegim 🙂


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