Parazar: An unexpected discovery of a musical gem

30 Jan

A few days ago I was at the graduation ceremony of my beloved one. I have to admit that I was a little bit afraid of getting bored there. But an unexpected musical surprise that the graduation committee prepared for the audience proved to be much more than enough to elevate our excitement and joy. The name of the group who played was Parazar.



Their repertoire ranged from old Dutch folk songs to Renaissance rearrangements, from film music (such as the theme from Fellini’s Amarcord) to Klezmer, from Portugese fado to their own compositions. It was sheer pleasure to listen to all of the three virtuoso players: Annemarie Peeters, Stefan Coltura and Remi Peeters.

It is possible to listen to some of their repertoire online but I think that is being very unfair to their live performance, something to be experienced at that very moment instead of being recorded. I consider myself lucky to have shared the magic and I’m thankful to my beloved one for leading me to such a great evening.

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