Speaking of French fries…

22 May

According to the legend, “during the First World War, many English speaking soldiers who came to Belgium discovered the gastronomic phenomenon that was fried potatoes and baptised it as ‘French fries’, referring to the only official language spoken in the Belgian army. A historical mistake.”

I don’t know if that popular story is true, but finally I had the chance to pay a visit to probably the oldest French fries shop in the world, that is Fritkot Max in Antwerp. This is a little bit weird for me because the shop is located in central Antwerp, the historical part of the city and I passed by the shop countless times. I’m very much satisfied with this place who started serving fried potatoes back in 1842. I was disappointed to learn that the ‘fries museum’ upstairs was closed but experiencing the best Belgian fries with tens of different sauces should be compensating enough I guess.

If you ever happen to be around Antwerp, do not forget to come to ‘Groenplaats 12, 2000 Antwerpen’ and taste a unique bag of Belgian fries.

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