Explore Open Data: MIPEX The Migrant Integration Policy Index

27 May

MIPEX is a fully interactive tool and reference guide to assess, compare and improve integration policy produced by the British Council and the Migration Policy Group. MIPEX measures integration policies in all European Union Member States plus Norway, Switzerland, Canada and the USA up to 31 May 2010. Using 148 policy indicators it creates a rich, multi-dimensional picture of migrants? opportunities to participate in society by assessing governments? commitment to integration. By measuring policies and their implementation it reveals whether all residents are guaranteed equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities.”

Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX)

Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX)

I’m glad that Ali Utku Selen drew my attention to this wonderful source of open data and visualization. The first thing I did with the system was to explore the education conditions for immigrants and according to the map Belgium seems to be one of the best countries in terms of immigrant education. You may be skeptical and ask “but what do they mean by ‘education’?”. MIPEX lets you dive deep into various aspects of education (or any other) policy and compare countries in terms of those aspects, too. You can have the same data in various visualization formats which is very meaningful when exploring different kinds of data. This is a job very well done. Thanks to everybody who prepared this wonderful open data website.

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