Semantic Web and Reasoning Anti-Pattern: Don't design your ontologies like RDMBS entities

05 Oct

“Semantic Web and Reasoning Anti-Pattern: Don’t design your ontologies like RDMBS entities. Many developers and users are much more familiar with concepts in designing RDBMS schema?s than they are with ontologies, folksonomies, and others. If you’re going to design an ontology that has either 1-to-1 or near 1-to-1 correlation with an entity model in an RDBMS, there is probably no good reason to do what you’re doing other than satisfying your technical curiosity. RDBMS schemas should be, if designed correctly, optimized for usage scenarios such as transactional schema’s, analytic schema’s, and others. Ontologies, reasoning, and concepts discussed in this book are intended to provide a semantic layer of abstraction where data is dealt with by its meaning rather than its physical structure. If you’re de?ning your ontology based on entity design in an RDBMS, then you’re de?ning the meaning of things based on how they are stored — a rather absurd proposition.”

B’Far Reza, “Scalable Reasoning Techniques for Semantic Enterprise Data”, in “Linking Enterprise Data“, Wood, David (Ed.), 2010, Springer Verlag,

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