Turkish Deasciifier Firefox Add-on: 1.5 Years Later

30 Jan

It’s been almost 1.5 years since the release of the initial version of the Firefox add-on for Turkish Deasciifier. According to the latest statistics, it has been downloaded more than 6300 times and close to 300 people use it every day:

Turkish Deasciifier Firefox Add-on Statistics

Turkish Deasciifier Firefox Add-on Statistics

Thanks to the recent changes in Firefox update policy, most of the users seem to be able to experience the Turkish Deasciifier add-on on very recent, up-to-date versions of Firefox, and it is also great to know that there are no compatibility issues related to the newest versions. Being able to easily upgrade your browser without any add-on glitches is very important from the perspective of usability. Another important point is being able to install the add-on without any browser restart, thanks to the underlying Add-on SDK that also renders add-on development very comfortable, at least compared to the development with traditional technologies.

I am also aware that some of the issues I have raised so far about the underlying text area selection system had been already fixed in the Add-on SDK, which motivates me to dive back into the code and do the necessary changes in order to provide the users with a better and more comfortable language conversion experience. But for those talented hackers who want to contribute, the source code is already the in the open, which means everybody is welcome to send pull requests 😉

In the meantime, its web application equivalent, is also going on strong, as far as I can see from its related Google Analytics page. For people who want a quick access without installing an add-on it is still a convenient access mechanism.

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