How to write clearly – European Commission takes a clear stance

11 Feb

How to write clearly

How to write clearly

Apparently, European Commission (EC) decided to deal with the problem of unbearable and unnecessary complexity, legalese, mind-numbing jargon and plainly bad writing. The result is a document that goes straight to the point. “How to write clearly” is freely available as a PDF document from the following address: Those who wish to have a printed copy of the book (that is available in more than 10 languages) can visit

According to a recent article in The Bulletin, Eva Kaluzynska, Directorate-General for Translation in EC, made the point forcefully when she said that “clear language is not a luxury, but essential for democracy to function”.

In other words, next time, instead of writing the following,

In our endeavour to ensure guest safety at all times, can visitors please note that fire bell testing is carried out every Monday at 9.30am.

Simply write

We test the fire bell every Monday at 9.30am.

Not very difficult, isn’t it?

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Posted by on February 11, 2012 in Linguistics


One response to “How to write clearly – European Commission takes a clear stance

  1. Harun

    March 17, 2012 at 16:06

    iki örneği görünce aklıma ilk gelen şey ikinci örneğin ne kadar Amerikan tarzı olduğuydu. Amerika’da genelde bu derece basit oluyor uyarı levhaları vb. ki öyle de olmalı bence.


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