From zero to sound in no time: Making Musical Apps – Real-time audio synthesis on Android and iOS

17 Apr

Making Musical Apps Real-time audio synthesis on Android and iOS

Making Musical Apps Real-time audio synthesis on Android and iOS

Making Musical Apps – Real-time audio synthesis on Android and iOS” couldn’t be more timely: I have started to play with Pd (Pure Data) recently and was wondering whether I could transfer my knowledge of Pd to other environments, such as my Android-powered smartphone. Written by Peter Brinkmann, the creator of the fantastic libpd library, this is the definitive introduction. For me it served not only as a guide to Pd on Android but also as a basic tutorial for development in Android (the book also includes a very short primer for Pd for beginners). Before this book I had not created any Android app at all and with the help of the book I found myself compiling and running sample music and sound apps on my Android phone in a few hours. What else can one ask for? More Pd and libpd knowledge would definitely not hurt but it would probably book to at least 300 – 400 pages. Besides, there are excellent and freely available resources for designing sound systems using Pd, and the book provides pointers to them.

In other words, if you want to build Pd powered applications using libpd for iPhone, iPad or Android phones and tablets, and are in need of a very quick guide to get you up to speed, then look no further. But also keep in mind that Pd system is a very sophisticated sound processing environment which requires dedication to master all of its aspects and details. Nevertheless, once you interactively design your sound application on the desktop, this book includes the necessary material to port your application to other devices. And for the impatient hackers out there, it also includes detailed explanations of RjDj (iOS) and ScenePlayer (Android) systems (and PdDroidParty and HTML based pd-webkit-droid) which help you run your Pd patches on respective devices without writing a single line of Objective C or Java code.

In addition to the sample apps that come with libpd (freely available from its GitHub repository), you can also get the source code of the sample applications and Pd patches described in the book from (which can serve as a solid starting point for your future projects). And if you ever need some technical help after debugging your libpd based app, be assured that the forum at is very responsive.

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