What Should Be the Attributes of an IT Project Manager?

06 Dec

Recently I’ve come across a job advert in which a Belgian company was looking for a project manager. They had listed what they were expecting, and I think it makes a good list as attributes of a project manager (emphasis on some words and sentences are mine) :

The IT Project Manager:

– Identifies, describes, and assigns “S.M.A.R.T” objectives to stakeholders for execution of project and team work where team members are in a functional line rather than a hierarchical line

– Applies Best-in-Class industry Project Management guidelines, methodologies (i.e. WBS, SWOT analysis, …)

– Builds and gets validation of timeline, work plan against requirements and constraints.

– Ensures projects are completed within a certain set of restraints (quality, time, money, people and materials).

– Ensures projects fulfill to guidelines, regulations and policies.

– Is confident with industry standard Project Management software applicaitons.

– Ensures that projects are on track in term of milestones and meet dedicated/shared resources availability

– Ensures that project deliverables are compliant with expected requirements and delivered on time

Has ability to structure and write Meeting Minutes.

Challenges project stakeholders on current or foreseen issue.

Assess project related risk issues.

Continuously monitor projects progress against objectives, status, time lines and expected outcomes

– Ensures regular accurate reporting to Management at different levels (Operational, Strategic, Exec, …)

Motivates the project team and any involved stakeholder

Knows on how to escalate issue and when escalation is really helpful

– Takes the lead and deliver simultaneously several infrastructure projects

Interacts with people, recognizes emotions in others, and empathizes with others

Builds strong relationships to get the most out of their project team stakeholder

– Thinks in ways outside of the norm and identifies multiple solutions to problems

– Has ability to find solutions to maneuvering the project to keep it on track

– Structures their approach to work and accept regimented consistency for the sake of efficiency

Strives for breadth, completeness, and correctness at the lowest level of detail

– Understands and applies ISO 20000 processes

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