Old Computers: A Trip Down the Memory Lane and History of Computing

24 Dec

A few weeks ago I went to the computer science building of KU Leuven for a Haskell meet-up. I was surprised to see a lot of very old computers beautifully put on an exhibition. It felt like a time travel in the history of computing. I captured a few of them using the camera of my smartphone, trying to imagine what the pioneers of computing back then would’ve thought if they had seen this smartphone in action (full resolution photos of these and many others are available in my Flickr album.)

Some of the computers were happily churning and crunching data long before I was born such as this one:


And some of them reminded me of TTY, TeleTYpe, and it was fun to see what newer generations might only come across as a an abbreviation when using a GNU/Linux system, in other words the actual TTY, the ‘real’ console, Teletype ASR 33:


Traveling in time and coming closer to today I’ve seen the following, a cute Teleray 3711, from 1976, the year I was born (its keyboard deserves special mention):

20151201_182903 20151201_182921 20151201_182936

After that, I saw the following: NewBrain. If its chiclet / gummy keyboard reminds you of the good old Sinclair Spectrum 48K, that’s because it was also designed by Sinclair Radionics, founded by Sir Clive Sinclair. Also the programs listed for the computer deserves special mention: The first program being the game of Nim, has a special meaning for me (it was one of the games I used when teaching the course “Computational and Mathematical Numeracy for Social Scientists” at Istanbul Bilgi University.)

20151201_183107 20151201_183129 20151201_183146

These and other photographs are available in full resolution in my Flickr album at

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