Zen of GitHub and Python

04 Jun

For some of the readers it’s old news, but I’ve just discovered the Zen of GitHub API. It immediately reminded me of The Zen of Python, and of course I wanted to find out a list of GitHub’s version of Zen koans. Therefore I wrote a short Python program to do the job:

The 13 koans I could find are:

  1. Encourage flow.
  2. Design for failure.
  3. It’s not fully shipped until it’s fast.
  4. Practicality beats purity.
  5. Keep it logically awesome.
  6. Mind your words, they are important.
  7. Non-blocking is better than blocking.
  8. Approachable is better than simple.
  9. Favor focus over features.
  10. Half measures are as bad as nothing at all.
  11. Responsive is better than fast.
  12. Avoid administrative distraction.
  13. Anything added dilutes everything else.

I guess now is the time to meditate on my short program to see if I’m aligned with both The Zen of Python, and The Zen of GitHub 😉

UPDATE: 14. koan discovered by Erwin Baeyens (in comments)

14. Speak like a human.



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2 responses to “Zen of GitHub and Python

  1. Erwin Baeyens

    June 4, 2019 at 18:27

    I found one that you did not seem to get: Speak like a human.

    • Emre Sevinç

      June 4, 2019 at 18:32


      Seems like the code’s in need of more polishing. But at least I hope I managed to speak like a human 🙂


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