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Turkish Mode for Emacs is now available as a package via MELPA

Turkish Mode for Emacs, developed by Deniz Yüret, is now available as a package via MELPA. This is for people trying to type Turkish documents on a U.S. keyboard using Emacs. The program provides a `turkish-mode` in which the correct Turkish accents are added to the ASCII version of the last word typed each time the user hits space. If you are using a recent stable version of Emacs that lets you use the Emacs package manager, and you’ve added MELPA as a repository, installing it is as easy as running:

M-x package-install turkish

and then putting the following line in your init file:

(require 'turkish)

Once you have done that, in any Emacs session you can toggle the Turkish mode

M-x turkish-mode

The same program has been converted to many different languages and available on many platforms such as a Python package, a Java package, a Perl CPAN package, an Ubuntu PPA package, a web application,  a Chrome plug-in, a Firefox add-on, and a Safari add-on.

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Turkish Deasciifier Firefox Add-on: 1.5 Years Later

It’s been almost 1.5 years since the release of the initial version of the Firefox add-on for Turkish Deasciifier. According to the latest statistics, it has been downloaded more than 6300 times and close to 300 people use it every day:

Turkish Deasciifier Firefox Add-on Statistics

Turkish Deasciifier Firefox Add-on Statistics

Thanks to the recent changes in Firefox update policy, most of the users seem to be able to experience the Turkish Deasciifier add-on on very recent, up-to-date versions of Firefox, and it is also great to know that there are no compatibility issues related to the newest versions. Being able to easily upgrade your browser without any add-on glitches is very important from the perspective of usability. Another important point is being able to install the add-on without any browser restart, thanks to the underlying Add-on SDK that also renders add-on development very comfortable, at least compared to the development with traditional technologies.
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Turkish Deasciifier: Future-proof (or compatible with Firefox 6.* at least)

I’ve just received an e-mail from the Firefox Add-ons Team related to my Turkish Deasciifier add-on:

Dear add-on author,

Good news! Our automated tests did not detect any compatibility issues with your add-on Turkish Deasciifier and Firefox 6. We’ve updated your add-on’s compatibility to work with Firefox 6.* so that our Aurora users can begin using your add-on. Firefox 6 beta is expected in just a few weeks.

You can learn more about what’s new in Firefox 6 at and

For more information on our new compatibility process with rapid Firefox releases, please read this post:

Thank you,
Firefox Add-ons team

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Firefox 4.0 compatible Turkish Deasciifier (v. 0.2.2) is released

I promised to thousands of users who used Turkish Deasciifier that I’d release the version compatible with Firefox 4.0 as soon as Mozilla released it. Well, better late than never, it took me some time to find the suitable interval during which I could work on it but finally it is officially reviewed and released. Current users will get it via automatic update mechanism within Firefox. New users can install it by visiting

Enjoy automatic conversion to Turkish letters while using your non-Turkish keyboard.

For users who don’t want to install the add-on but use it online we always have available for your linguistic pleasure.

For more info and news visit For grabbing the source code and suggesting patches visit


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Modifying old Turkish Deasciifier code to make it compatible with Firefox 4.0

I promised to the users of my Turkish Deasciifier add-on that I’d release a Firefox 4.0 compatible version as soon as I can after 4.0 of Firefox is released. I started to work on the old code which was based on an ancient version of Add-on SDK. It took me some time to wrap my head around the radical changes that the Add-on SDK team did to various APIs but finally I was able to port the old code into the new version that uses the latest version of Add-on SDK.

Emacs environment for developing Firefox add-ons using Add-on SDK (Jetpack)

Emacs environment for developing Firefox add-ons using Add-on SDK (Jetpack)

I uploaded the packaged .xpi file as version 0.2.2 to and it is put into the review queue to be reviewed by someone from the add-ons team at Mozilla. As soon as it’s officially reviewed, users of the old version will get an automatic update. Or they can simply visit in order to enjoy automatic Turkish letter conversion on non-Turkish keyboards.


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Turkish Deasciifier Firefox add-on version 0.2.1 is published

Turkish Deasciifier Firefox add-on is a tiny add-on that lets you type Turkish correctly without a Turkish keyboard. I listened to requests from its users and added a keyboard shortcut: WindowsKey + Shift + t or in other words Meta + Shift + t. I know this key is probably already assigned to some functions in Windows 7 and that the right thing to do is to present a user interface to the end-user so that she can select the combination herself but I checked this with people who requested this feature and once they confirmed that it was good for them I did a minor modification to the code and released version 0.2.1.

During the process I learned that Jetpack SDK is now named as Add-on SDK and the system moved to version 1.01b. I also discovered that this latest version of Add-on SDK is not compatible with Firefox 3.6.x series anymore and that is why I had to rely on an older version of Add-on SDK to prepare the new version of Turkish Deasciifier add-on. It looks like this is the time to worry about Firefox 4.0 compatibility: Making your add-on compatible with Firefox 4. In this case I prefer to wait for the official release of Firefox 4.0 and then I’ll update my add-on as soon as possible (and will add the user interface (preferences) for shortcut selection). In the meantime ‘2011 Jetpack Roadmap‘ by Myk Melez provides a very good reading for everybody doing Jetpack / Add-on SDK based development.

You can read more about Turkish Deasciifer at and browse the source code at

If you want to try the system without using Firefox or an add-on you can visit

PS: Speaking of Firefox 4.0 beta, you should definitely give it a try because it is a huge pile of awesome. 😉


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Turkish Deasciifier: Added as an Ubuntu package to my PPA

I’ve just added Turkish Deasciifier to my Ubuntu PPA (Personal Package Archive). Nearly all of the Debian packaging work was done by my dear friend and Debian developer Recai Oktaş, but due to some minor rough edges and lack of time on his part, it is yet to take its place in the official Debian software repository. Thus, in the meantime I decided it to give it a try and learn more about Launchpad, PPAs and Ubuntu packaging, building, etc. The result is available at This means Ubuntu GNU/Linux users can now add my PPA to their repository list:
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